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All offers valid from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020

1. Agreement

An agreement must be signed between both parties to definite terms and conditions of the group including payment and cancellation policies in order to confirm a group. The final rooming list of all participants with their ages must be sent maximum 30 days before arrival.

2. Rates

Rates are quoted in euro, net to you, fully inclusive of VAT.
Rates are negotiated specifically for one group.

3. Cancellations & Anticipated Departure

Cancellation policy (partial and total) is particular to each group and depends on each supplier. A common cancellation policy is elaborated according to all suppliers concerned. This cancellation policy is indicated before signature of the agreement.
In the event the clients do not use all or part of the confirmed services on site, these unused services cannot be the subject of any refund.

4. Bookings

All bookings, changes or cancellations must be sent only to CFI by email. CFI will handle and manage, from the beginning until the end of the booking process, including all possible changes. In case the partner deals directly with the supplier(s) without informing CFI, CFI will not be responsible for it.

5. Number

Group rates and conditions are usually valid from 20 (twenty) paying participants.

6. Overbooking

Only for exceptional matters, the re-accommodation is possible only in same or superior standards and within the same area as the accommodation originally booked.

7. Vouchers

For each type of service reserved, a voucher will be issued by CFI and must be delivered by the clients on the day of the service to be provided to the service provider concerned. In the event the clients wish to make changes at the time of the event, CFI is no longer responsible for these changes and their payment unless an express request is made in writing to CFI.

8. Extras

The extras are to be paid locally by the clients. Concerning the extras at hotels or place of accommodation, CFI will in no case be liable for the unpaid amounts from the service providers used.

9. Confidentiality

All terms, conditions and rates present in our offer must be treated as confidential between both parties. Once the offer sent, the partner cannot work directly with any suppliers present in the offer.

10. Payments

A common payment policy is elaborated according to all suppliers concerned. This payment policy is indicated before signature of the agreement. The full pre-payment of all services booked must be sent according a timetable before the arrival of the group. The booking will be considered valid only once the first deposit received. Bank fees are at the charge of the partner. Once first deposit received, the remainder to be paid must also reach us within the deadlines specified, failing which CFI cannot guarantee proper execution and all of the services reserved.